The Speedy Speech™ School Edition program is a fantastic therapeutic tool for Speech and Language Pathologists!

Forward Thinking
Speedy Speech™ is a forward thinking approach to speech therapy that will revolutionize how you remediate articulation errors and significantly improve the outcome of your students.

Innovative Approach
Our evidence-based approach includes embedded phonemic consistency, minimal-triplet sets, and co-articulation practice. Your students will develop motor memory and improve significantly faster than with traditional therapeutic practices.

Quick and Efficient
When you incorporate the Speedy Speech™ program, your therapeutic sessions will be transformed into efficient 5-10 minute one-on-one drill sets. These short, intensive drill sessions offer students the opportunity to produce many more target sound attempts than in the traditional once weekly, 30 minute therapy. Proven highly effective in school based settings, the Speedy Speech™ program offers easy to follow step-by-step instructions and includes all of the materials necessary for program implementation.

Earlier Remediation
At Speedy Speech™ we believe that earlier intervention is key. When appropriate,  speech professionals are encouraged to address common sound errors, such as substitutions and distortions, at an earlier age. This eliminates the development of habitual errors and prevents a child from practicing incorrect sound productions for an extended period of time. Earlier intervention results in faster remediation, and most students complete the program in just a few short months.

Our All-In-One Book
The Speedy Speech™ program comes in sound specific, “all-in-one” spiral bound books that include all of the materials, forms, and letters necessary for program delivery. All of the planning has been done for you, with all of your therapeutic materials within easy reach.

Collaborative Approach
Designed with you and your students in mind, this program will help you establish a unique therapeutic environment that promotes collaboration between the therapist, parents and teachers. The Speedy Speech™ program materials include a variety of parent and teacher letters, as well as an entire year of therapeutic homework calendars to help bridge the school and home environment.

IEP Integration
The Speedy Speech™ program can easily be incorporated into a student's IEP or other therapeutic plan. The frequency, period and duration will vary according to the student’s need. However, a general guideline is offered in the program manual.

RTI Implementation for Articulation and Language
The Speedy Speech™ program implements progress monitoring and data-based decision making, which makes it ideal for RTI. In addition to articulation interventions, with minimal therapist/teacher modifications, the Speedy Speech™ program can be converted to assist in the remediation of various language-based delays and deficits, including:
  - vocabulary
  - listening, auditory attending, and memory
  - expanding utterances
  - grammatical structures
  -  “wh” questions
For your convenience, language RTI ideas are included in the manual, as well as a reproducible tracking form for easy data input and progress monitoring.

A quick artic program!

Our Latest Testimonials

“My Speech Department just switched over to Speedy Speech. Finally a therapy model that really works!”

“I love how this product has thought of everything! All of the materials are right there for you.”

“This is an excellent therapy program. It is systematic and very well organized.”

“I can’t believe how quickly my students improved. I definitely recommend this program!”

“I used the Home Edition with my daughter and it was very easy to follow and parent-friendly.”
- NY Parent

“The HW calendars are great! You made assigning Speech HW easy and meaningful.”

“This program changed my therapy practice. My students are improving dramatically faster!”

“This program is great for both articulation and language based RTI. I highly recommend it”

“I use this program in my tele-practice. I send the Home Edition to the students & then see them on Skype”

"I finally learned how to say the /r/ sound!"
-NY Student

"The magic of this program is in the minimal triplet sets. No other program has the words organized in this way.

"It's by far the most comprehensive speech improvement program on the market."