The Speedy Speech™ App  is the perfect companion to our books! It is ideal for speech therapy sessions, practice at home, ESL learners, and school based intervention programs, such as RTI.

The Speedy Speech™ app has easy navigational menus. It has a hierarchical model of implementation that begins with auditory bombardment and discrimination, and then progresses through a series of word, phrase, and sentence level drills that include built-in phonemic consistency and co-articulation practice.

Each section of the app includes information pages to help guide you through the sound remediation process. Each step is clearly explained making this app very user-friendly for both speech experts and novices alike. Utilize the 'i' icon throughout the app to access more information about each section.

The Speedy Speech™ app is available for sounds R, S, and L (each sold separately). It can be used under the guidance of Speech-Language Pathologists, parents, para-professionals, teachers, or other caregivers in assisting children to improve their speech. Motivated adults who would like to improve their own speech can use this app independently or as a practice tool when working with a Speech Therapist.

The app is evidence-based and incorporates data-driven decision making to ensure the success of the students who use it. It has built-in customizable features, including automatic data collection for each student, sound recording, and voice prompts.

App Features

The Speedy Speech™ App consists of an all-in-one bundle that focuses on mass productions and has everything you need to correct the intended target sound. Each sound in the Speedy Speech™ App includes:
• Information pages with Step-by-Step Directions
• Student Response Data Tracking System
• Auditory Bombardment Sets Containing 360 words
• Auditory Discrimination Trials
• Sound In Isolation Page
• Colorful, Illustrated Drill Sets Containing:
  • 360 One and Two Syllable Word Trials in Initial, Medial, and Final Target Sound Positions
  • 360 Phrase Trials
  • 360 Sentence Trials
• Voice Recording and Playback

Response to Intervention (RTI)

The Speedy Speech™ app implements progress monitoring and data-driven decision making, which makes it ideal for RTI. Because this app is distinctly rich in vocabulary, pictures, and exposure to grammatically correct spoken sentences teachers and therapists can make slight adjustments in their presentation and use the stimulus materials provided to assist in the remediation of various language-based delays. To help facilitate this type of instruction, several of the in-app information pages include suggested strategies that support the following areas:
• vocabulary
• listening, auditory attending, and memory
• expanding utterances
• grammatical structures
• “wh” questions

English Language Learners

English language learners benefit from repeated exposure to targeted sounds, vocabulary, and correct English grammar. The Speedy Speech™ app incorporates high quality recorded audio samples alongside engaging illustrations that represent vocabulary and English language samples. The app also provides numerous opportunities for chorus repetition to imitate native-like pronunciation. As a result, English language learners can use this app to gain new language skills and improve their prosody and perception of the English language.

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A quick artic program!

Our Latest Testimonials

“Fantastic app! It's truly all inclusive and very user friendly."

“I love the progress monitoring and automatic data collection system integrated into the app.”

“My son didn't qualify for school services, but with this app he fixed his lisp on his own in just a few short weeks."
- NJ Parent

“I really like the language based RTI suggestions provided. They really take the guesswork out of interventions and offer a practical way to tackle some common language delays.”
-NY Teacher

“My ELL students really like using this app. They enjoy hearing the pronunciation  of new words and the exposure to new vocabulary is priceless.”
- PA Teacher

“The auditory discrimination trials are great for building  phonemic awareness skills.”

“This program is so easy to follow. You don't need to be a professional  to understand and follow the remediation process outlined in both the books and the apps!”
- CA Parent

“It's amazing to see how language skills blossom at the same time you are working on articulation skills.”

“My Speech Department just switched over to Speedy Speech. Finally a therapy model that really works!”

“The auditory bombardment  section and voice recording feature really helps build auditory awareness, a critical piece when working on articulation skills.”

“I love how this product has thought of everything! All of the materials are right there for you.”

“This is an excellent therapy program. It is systematic and very well organized.”

“I can’t believe how quickly my students improved. I definitely recommend this program!”

“I used the Home Edition with my daughter and it was very easy to follow and parent-friendly.”
- NY Parent

“The daily homework calendars are great! You made assigning Speech homework easy and meaningful.”

“This program changed my therapy practice. My students are improving dramatically faster!”

“This program is great for both articulation and language based RTI. I highly recommend it.”

“I use this program in my tele-practice. I send the Home Edition to the students and then see them on Skype.”

"I finally learned how to say the /r/ sound!"
-NY Student

"The magic of this program is in the minimal triplet sets. No other program has the words organized in this way.