What does the Speedy Speech™ Home Edition program include?

The Speedy Speech™ Home Edition includes all of the materials necessary for program delivery. The all-in-one book accommodates an easy to follow program guide as well as hundreds of drill sets to elicit the target sound at the word, phrase, and sentence level. Your book also includes auditory modules, conversational speech prompts, and speech practice calendars. For a more detailed description of the Speedy Speech™ Home Edition program contents, please click here.

Is the Speedy Speech™ program easy to follow?

The Speedy Speech™ program includes an easy to follow program guide that offers step-by-step instructions and leads to articulation success! Your manual also includes helpful hints, and therapeutic techniques to help you elicit the target sound.

What do teachers and parents think about the Speedy Speech™ program?

Most teachers and parents love the program! They are thrilled to be part of the remediation process and are pleased about the minimal academic interruption.

Can the Speedy Speech™ program be implemented as an RTI strategy?

Yes. The Speedy Speech™ program implements progress monitoring and data based decision making, which makes it ideal for RTI (Response to Intervention). The Speedy Speech™ manual includes detailed information that explains how to incorporate the program into both articulation and language based intervention plans. For additional support, the Speedy Speech™ manual offers intervention strategy suggestions and includes a progress monitoring form for easy data collection.

Can the Speedy Speech™ program be incorporated into an IEP?

Yes. The Speedy Speech™ Program can easily be incorporated into an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). The frequency, period and duration will vary according to the student’s need. However, a general guideline is offered in the program manual.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Yes. Purchase Orders from school districts and other government agencies are accepted and can be faxed to 845.680.6574.
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Our Latest Testimonials

“My Speech Department just switched over to Speedy Speech. Finally a therapy model that really works!”

“I love how this product has thought of everything! All of the materials are right there for you.”

“This is an excellent therapy program. It is systematic and very well organized.”

“I can’t believe how quickly my students improved. I definitely recommend this program!”

“I used the Home Edition with my daughter and it was very easy to follow and parent-friendly.”
- NY Parent

“The HW calendars are great! You made assigning Speech HW easy and meaningful.”

“This program changed my therapy practice. My students are improving dramatically faster!”

“This program is great for both articulation and language based RTI. I highly recommend it”