The Speedy Speech™ School Edition program is a comprehensive all-in-one therapeutic tool for Speech and Language Pathologists. This program is available in sound specific books that include all of the materials necessary for program delivery.

Our Speedy Speech™ School Edition program books are sold separately and available in sounds /r/, /s/, /l/,  /g/, and /sh/.

Each Speedy Speech™ School Edition all-in-one book contains the following program and therapy materials: 

  • Program Guide with Step-by-Step Directions and the Latest Therapeutic Techniques

  • Auditory Bombardment Sets containing 360 words

  • Auditory Discrimination Pair Sets

  • Sound Bridge

  • Illustrated Drill Sheets Containing:

    - 360 One and Two Syllable Word Trials in Initial, Medial,
                      and Final Target Sound Positions

     - 360 Phrase Trials

    - 360 Sentence Trials

            Click here to see a sample drill sets.

  • Record Forms

  • Monthly Homework Calendars

  • A Variety of Parent and Teacher Letters

  • Motivational Charts and Certificates


Complete program books available for sounds

/R/   /S/   /L/   /G/  /SH/

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A quick artic program!

Our Latest Testimonials

“My Speech Department just switched over to Speedy Speech. Finally a therapy model that really works!”

“I love how this product has thought of everything! All of the materials are right there for you.”

“This is an excellent therapy program. It is systematic and very well organized.”

“I can’t believe how quickly my students improved. I definitely recommend this program!”

“I used the Home Edition with my daughter and it was very easy to follow and parent-friendly.”
- NY Parent

“The HW calendars are great! You made assigning Speech HW easy and meaningful.”

“This program changed my therapy practice. My students are improving dramatically faster!”

“This program is great for both articulation and language based RTI. I highly recommend it”

“I use this program in my tele-practice. I send the Home Edition to the students & then see them on Skype”

"I finally learned how to say the /r/ sound!"
-NY Student

"The magic of this program is in the minimal triplet sets. No other program has the words organized in this way.

"It's by far the most comprehensive speech improvement program on the market."

"This program is trully data-driven. You always know the level a student is performing in."